Accounting/Payment FAQs
Q. How is retainage direct payment processing handled in PASS?
Retainage payments will be a feature for release in FY2004.
Q. How often is PASS updated with the most recent accounting information (Index no., etc.)?
A. The data is refreshed every weekday (4AM to 7AM) while most users are not on the system.
Q. Can I see the pre-encumbrance take place in SOAR?
A. Yes, you can go into SOAR and see real pre-encumbrance transaction, which are the same amount as in PASS.
Q. How are capital expenditures handled in PASS?
A. When the data is refreshed in PASS all CAPITAL budgets are pulled in PASS, the requester will then be able purchase goods/services by selecting the capital budgets.
Q. How do I add money to my bulk mail postage permit account?
A. There are a couple of ways you can do this, the easiest way is create a requisition for the supplier and identify the supplier as a MAIL supplier so that the PO will not be send automatically to the supplier and you will have encumbered funds against that supplier.
Q. Why is there no Funds Commit approval node when there is a PO change? (even though the requisition goes through the approval flow again).
A. The Funds Commit approval node is for pre-encumbrance for requisitions. Once a requisition has become a Purchase Order, there is no need to do another pre-encumbrance, only a direct encumbrance. Because the money is already fully encumbered for the Purchase Order, any change to the amount needs to be directly transacted to the SOAR Financial system (direct encumbrance rather than pre-encumbrance). If the money is not available for the PO change, then the PO change will fail.
Q. How do we move money from one agency to another?
A. You would have to work with your CFO to determine the best way to find funding for your requisition. Remember, the source of truth for accounting information is SOAR.  PASS is simply pulling the accounting information from SOAR.
Q. Do we still need Counsel approval for large purchases?
A. Yes, you will still need to go through the process of Counsel approval for large purchases.  The actual part of the Counsel approval will be outside of PASS.  Once approved through Counsel, the purchase process can be completed in PASS.
Q. What is the dollar limit that permits automatic approval for Funds Commit?
A. There is no dollar amount limit for pre-encumbrance for requisitions.
Q. Are the commodity codes linked to Fixed Assets?
A. In the future, Fixed Assets will be linked to commodity codes in PASS.  The technical team is currently working on the issue.  In the interim, fixed assets have to be entered in ADPICS or they can be mapped to either Capital or Inventory Codes.

Q. If our Funds Commit does not work, is the requestor notified which exact field (such as Index No.) did not work?
A. No, if the Funds Commit does not work, then the requestor only knows that the accounting combination did not work.  The requestor will need to work with his or her CFO office and/or Program Managers to get the appropriate accounting combinations/funding source.
Q. When we get the encumbrance in PASS - what is the turnaround time that the encumbrance appears in SOAR?
A. The turnaround time should be within a couple of seconds (near real time).
Q. Is PIF number in the accounting fields? 
A. The PIF # is available to only OCTO users and is visible at the ADD TITLE screen when creating a requisition.
Q. Is there any way to flag an invoice that has been reviewed but not acted on?
A. You can enter an invoice exception during the reconciliation process and leave the invoice and come back at a later time to complete your work but there is no way to intentionally flag an invoice.
Q. What is the easiest method to find out the Voucher Number created once the Invoice Eform is submitted?
A. There are two ways you will see the voucher number once the Invoice eForm is created –
1. You will be able to run a report and see the details (including the Invoice details) attached to a Purchase Order (The report is called  - Order to Invoice Details)
2. If you are an Invoice Manager, you can run a system search, which will show you all the invoices, vouchers against the various Purchase Orders.
Q. What will happen to the Procurement part of ADPICS?
A. As more and more functionality will be added in PASS, over time the procurement part of ADPICs will be phased out.