Contracts And Sourcing Projects
Find all of the information you need regarding the implementation of the new Contracts and Sourcing modules on this page.  Contracts (PASS Release 4.0) was released on 6/7/2010 and Sourcing will be released in late July.

PASS Release Information:
The contracts module is live! Learn more about how the Contracts module improves your ability to purchase goods and services for your agency. Click here to read the PASS Release 4.0 notes, or click on the Release Information link to the left to read about this (and other) PASS releases.

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Contracts Job Aids:
Requisitioners and Contracting Personnel

Configuring Your Dashboard
How to Buy Off a Catalog
Sourcing and Contract FAQs
Selecting a Commodity Code

Contracting Officers and Contract Specialists
Creating a Contract
How to Add Team Members
Configuring Your Email Preferences
Contract Termination
Bulk Loading Pricing Terms
Deleting a Line from a Public Contract
Tiered Pricing
Updating Your Email Preferences
Viewing Revision History

Current Vendor Registration Information
Current Vendor Registration Job Aid
GO LIVE Communication Vendor Registration Existing Suppliers