Invoice FAQs
Q. If PASS performs a 3-way match is it automatically approved or does it still have to go to the Invoice Manager for final approval?
A. The Invoice will always go to the Invoice Manager (whether the 3-way match is a success or not.) This was a design decision to have the Invoice Manager see the “Ok-To-Pay” file (Voucher) before sending it to the backend financial system (SOAR) for final payment.
Q. How are the match types for payments performed?
A. The different match types for payment are available to the AP Specialist who is responsible for input of the Invoice into PASS. The 3-way match occurs between the PO, Receipt and the Invoice.
Q. Does this invoice process eliminate ratifications?
A. The PASS invoice process does not eliminate ratifications.
Q. What happens when the Invoice references the incorrect Purchase Order?
A. There are two possible scenarios: 1) Invoice references wrong PO AND wrong supplier or 2) Invoice references wrong PO and correct supplier.
In Scenario 1, the AP Specialist will not be able to submit the Invoice eForm because PASS will not allow an incorrect PO to be linked to an incorrect Supplier (at the Generate Invoice step, PASS will show an error).
In Scenario 2, the line items that are pulled from the Generate Invoice step will be different than the manual Invoice. The AP Specialist should recognize this as a possible incorrect PO and return the manual invoice to the Supplier for a reissue.
If the AP Specialist continues with the Invoice eForm using the incorrect PO information (by adding line items instead of generating the line items from the PASS PO), then exceptions will be created. Once exceptions are created, an Exception Handler must act on it before an Invoice Manager can approve or deny payment.
Q. What happens when the Invoice does not reference any Purchase Order?
A. The AP Specialist should ONLY enter the manual invoice if it references a Purchase Order. If the invoice does not reference a Purchase Order, the Invoice should be returned to the Supplier so that a new one can be reissued.
Q. Does the Invoice get paid if it is less than the Purchase Order?
A. Yes, an Invoice that is less than the Purchase Order can be paid (partial payment) but it is ultimately the Invoice Manager’s decision to make a partial payment.
Q. How does the AP Specialist know which mail code to select in the eForm?
A. When completing an Invoice eForm, the mail code defaults to a Headquarters-000 mail code.  The AP Specialist needs to be attentive to the mail code and select the one from the actual manual invoice. If the AP Specialist does make an error, the Invoice Manager can also change the mail code.
Q. Can mail codes be automated so that they default when Invoices are entered?
A. No, because suppliers have multiple remittance mail codes, it is not practical to auto-fill the mail code fields.
Q. Is there an escalation for the SOAR Vendor Administrator?
A. No, there is no escalation for the SOAR Vendor Administrator.
Q. What happens when checks go to the wrong supplier’s remittance address? How are they tracked?
A. The Invoice Manager will be able to check which mail code was selected for the particular voucher. This information can be communicated to the supplier, at which point, he/she will have to track the check. The tracking of the check is outside PASS.
Q. What does invoice 'Processing' state mean?
A. Invoice has arrived from Supplier and has been entered into PASS. But, the related voucher is not fully approved/processed yet.
Q. What does invoice 'Processed' state mean?
A. Invoice has been entered into PASS. The related voucher has been fully approved and processed in PASS. The same voucher exists in back-end payment processing system and AP personnel are ready to pay the suppliers. From PASS, we cannot determine if the check has been sent to the suppliers. To find that information, we need to consult payment-processing system (SOAR).
Q. Can we break down $ amounts into agencies (e.g. $ spent at OCTO etc.)?
A. It is possible to include these details into Daily Activity Report. However, we recommend using PASS Standard Reports such as Order Summary by Supplier, Order Summary by Agency or Order Details by Accounting. These reports provide Agency filters so that information can be viewed for one or more agencies.
Q. What happens if the supplier sends an invoice in an electronic form?
A. The AP Specialist will still need to input the information into PASS using the Invoice eForm. The AP Specialist should attach the electronic invoice to the Invoice eForm.
Q. Can an Invoice Manager reject payment of one line item and approve the payment of a different one?
A. No, the Invoice Manager acts on the entire invoice by approving or rejecting payment of the various line items. If there are exceptions, the Invoice Manager does have the option to change the decision that was made by the Exception Handler.
Q. Who has the ability to change the actual Invoice once it has been entered in PASS using the eform?
A. No one has permission to change the Invoice once it has been entered in PASS. An Invoice Manager can completely reject the Invoice and have the Supplier send in a new one.

Q. What happens to the original title from the Invoice eform once it becomes a Voucher?
A. The eForm is used to enter the Invoice information. Once the Voucher is created it captures certain information of the original eForm, but not the Title. To find the original title, the AP Specialist can search through the invoices he/she created.
Q. When do you change the MOD to F in the Invoice?
A. The MOD field is defaulted and hard-coded to P. This is a SOAR field requirement and cannot be changed.
Q. What is the fastest way to find the Voucher numbers?
A. There is a report (Invoice Details) which details out the life cycle of a purchase from a PO to a Voucher. If a voucher is generated for a specific PO, you will see it in the report.
Q. Why are the fields editable in Invoicing?
A. SOAR Administrators require the fields to be editable.
Q. Will there be a 10% tolerance for Invoicing?
A. No, there is no longer a 10% tolerance for Invoicing. For Invoices that do not match the Purchase Order and/or the Receipt, an exception will occur.
Q. Will the AP Specialist be notified when a new mail code is available for a Supplier?
A. No, all the values for the mail codes will be available for the AP Specialist if he or she selects the Chooser (+) next to the mail code field.
Q. Will there be mail codes for Banks since the Invoice sometimes needs to be paid directly to banks rather than suppliers?
A. If payment for an Invoice is to be submitted to a bank, then the AP Specialist can request an additional mail code to be added using the Supplier eForm.
Q. As a Requestor, how do I see the entire cycle (from Purchase Order to Voucher paid)?
A. As a requestor, you can run an Invoicing report (Standard Reports) named “Order to Invoice tracking” to see where your Purchase Order is in terms of payment.