Purchase Order FAQs
Q. When doing a PO change, how does it look in SOAR? (Today there is a CO number associated with a PO modification) 
All change orders are done automatically between PASS and SOAR. The original requisition and PO will get a version number (V2) on a change order in PASS. The automatic interface between PASS and SOAR will take into account any Encumbrance increases and decreases.
Q. How does the system know what approval path should be generated for a conversion PO since no program person would be included on the PO? 
A. For conversion POs, the approval flow is discussed and defined by the team helping out with PO Conversion with the Agency. In general, the approval flow is generated based on the profile of the original Requestor on the Requisition/PO.
Q. How are service contracts received and paid against a max $ amount? 
A. Service contracts need to be built as separate discrete line items on the requisition.  For example, if the request is for a team of 12 consultants (or consulting categories in the case of non-uniquely defined consultants), each consultant will be a separate line item on the requisition with price and hours attached. As an alternative, and if consultants may vary over the term of the contract – the line items may be expressed as labor categories with specific hours and price attached.  The requisition should have the maximum amount of money for the team so that pre-encumbrance can occur for the request.  As the vendor submits invoices and they are processed through PASS, the dollars are drawn down against the related purchase order line items.
Q. How will vendors receive PO’s?  What if they cannot accept electronic PO’s? 
A. Vendors will receive POs via the Ariba Supplier Network (ASN) through fax or email (whichever they have specified). If the vendor is not capable of receiving POs by fax or email, the ACCO will print out the PO and send it via US Mail.
Q. Who can perform a PO Change? 
A. The original Requestor or the ACCO or certain individuals in your agency who have been given a special role/permission (Agency Specific QueryAll) can do the PO Change/Cancel.
Q. Can the agencies assign their own PO numbers? 
A. Agencies cannot assign their own PO numbers. PASS automatically generates district-wide PO numbers sequentially and is not agency specific.
Q. What do the PO’s look like?  Do they look like the old 3N1 form PO’s or the POs from ADPICS? 
A. PASS Purchase Orders do not look like the 3N1 or the ADPICS POs but they do contain all the required information needed from a District perspective. OCP Legal and Senior Management have approved the PO format.
Q. How are direct PO’s created?  Or can they be done in PASS? (Currently it is through ADPICS) 
A. Presently Direct Purchase Order cannot be done within PASS and must be processed through ADPICS.
Q. When should you cancel/change a PO? 
A. The change/cancel process of a PO is the same.  One example of why you would cancel a PO would be to stop receiving the remainder of a total in a PO. (See Receiving questions). Another reason to cancel a PO would be to cancel a project (if it is a services PO).
You would change a PO in PASS for many of the same reasons you would do a modification now.  You might need to change quantities, technical specs, terms and conditions, additional funding etc.
Q. How do you add money to an existing PO? (An original PO has a $5million limit, and then more money is available for it after a month, how does one initiate additional funding?)
A. To add money to an existing PO, you would have to go through the Change Order process.
Q. Is the website on the printed Purchase Order outdated?
A. No, the website: www.ocp.dcgov.org is a valid website.