Receiving FAQs
Q. Does the AdHoc shipping role get copied on all receiving reports? If not, how can they be?
A. ADHoc Shipping Role is assigned to a Requestor who is creating a requisition that will be shipped to a NON-DC address, so there is no need for that role to be on the receiving reports. The default (catch-all) receiver will be responsible to do the receiving for that requisition.
Q. How will receiving be handled if an Agency has no central receiving and cannot make each of the 1200+ employees receivers in the PASS system?
Receiving is defined by Ship To locations. We are asking the agency to designate a receiver (or receivers) per ship to locations.
Q. Does PASS facilitate entry of property ID numbers at receiving?
A. Yes, there is a property ID number field available on the receipt. If item is ordered as Capital Item, then Property Number is required. Please note that ASSET TRACKING is not integrated in Phase I, even though you enter the property number there is no interface with the asset tracking application in R*Stars.
Q. When receiving on services (as a COTR), do I have to break up the time sheet to match the Invoice?
A. Yes the time sheet needs to be received AFTER the Invoice has been sent by the supplier. If as a COTR, you do not have the time sheets, you would add the right person to the approval flow. Time sheets should be received according to how the Invoice is divided.
Q. When do I close an order on a receipt? 
A. As a Receiver, you would close a receipt only if you have partially received it.  You would close the receipt if you decide not to receive the remaining items on a particular Purchase Order (e.g., 10 were ordered but only 5 should be received). At this point, the original requestor should do the change order process to close the PO and to release the encumbrance.
Q. After Step 1 of receiving does it go to the next persons receive folder or approve folder?
A. The next person in the Approval Flow after the Receiver will be the original requestor.  The receipt be considered an approvable and when the original requestor logs in, he/she will have a flashing Approve button on the Swoosh or will see that there is something in the Needs Approval section in the process step area.
Q. Shouldn’t there be an RMA number attached to Receiving which authorizes a requestor to return goods?
A. Returns is a manual process, when you want to return something to the supplier you should follow your existing process.
Q. Does Delegating the Authority also apply to approving Receipts?
A. Yes, delegating Authority also applied to approving