User Profile FAQs
Q. Is the user maintenance eForm used for new users also?
Yes, the User Maintenance Request eForm must be used to enter all new users (after an agency has gone live).
Q. Which maintenance form is used to remove a user from PASS?
A. The User Maintenance Request eForm is used to add, make changes or deactivate users in PASS.
Q. How do you change a user’s role?
A. The User Maintenance Request eForm is used to change user roles and associated permissions.
Q. What if someone is not at the correct management level and someone wants to delegate approval authority to him or her?
A. The management level will need to be corrected before the approval can be delegated.  The User Maintenance Request eForm is used to change management levels.  Once the management level has been corrected, then the user can delegate approval authority to him/her.
Q. How can a user id and password be obtained if someone has gone through training but still waiting for it?
A. If a user has attended training and is still waiting for a login and password, he/she should contact the ASMP Help Desk.
Q. What happens with agencies that have a non- ‘’ email?
A. PASS will work with the other email system as long as it on the same network as the rest of DC.
Q. What happens to your existing id if you already have a SOAR user id?
A. If you have an existing ID, please indicate that when we collect your user data (or on the User Maintenance eForm).  Your SOAR ID will remain the same for PASS and only the permissions will need to be defined.
Q. Why is the SSN selected as the requirement to get a SOAR id?
A. The last 4 digits of SSN is a requirement for SOAR Ids by SOAR. PASS does not need it, SOAR Security Management requires it.
Q. Does everyone have to attend RSTARS training in order to get a SOAR id?
A. No. A SOAR ID is obtained by completing a SOAR Access Authorization form.  Having a SOAR ID for PASS purposes does not mean one acquires access to SOAR.
Q. What level of access in SOAR is a user given when obtaining a SOAR id for PASS?
A. Every user in PASS must have a SOAR ID to enable the interface between the two systems.  This allows for unique identification of user transactions between PASS and SOAR.  The SOAR ID for PASS purposes does not permit a user direct access to SOAR itself.
Q. Who is the contact for scheduling training for new-users after go-live?
A. A new user must be added using the User Maintenance Request eForm. One of the approvers for the User Maintenance Request eForm is the PASS Training Approver.  The individual in this role will schedule the new user for a PASS Buyer class.
Q. Can a Super User pull up a user’s requisition while they’re looking at it in order to assist them?
A. Generally, a Super User does not have access to another user’s requisitions. Selected Super Users have the Agency Specific QueryAll role, which will allow them to see the Requestor’s requisition.
Q. Can you delegate your authority to someone has a lower level of authority?
A. No, if you select the Chooser, those people who have the same or higher authority will be displayed.
Q. Who can view my personal profile? 
A. Any user will be able to see your personal profile information.
Q. Can you shut off escalation emails?
A. You can manage your email notifications from the preferences section.
Q. How do I delegate approval authority for someone that is unexpectedly out sick?
A. If the user has not already delegated their authority, you will have to call the help desk and ask them to modify the approval flow.
Q. If I have delegated my authority – who gets an escalation notice for work not done?
A. The approvable will get escalated to the supervisor of the person on the approval flow. The approval flow does not change when you delegate your authority. Someone merely logs in acting as you. The audit trail would show that the delegator is the person whose approval was needed and the name of the delegatee who actually performed the approval on the behalf of the delegator.
  • Example:
    Approver                        Supervisor
    Sue (Delegator)              Harry 
    Joe (Delegatee)              Sally
If Joe does not do the work assigned to him by Sue, Harry will be informed (in terms of escalation but the system audit trail will show that Joe did not perform the duties assigned to him.